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How She Built Her Own Role at Google (Stephanie Wong) - KNN Ep. 128

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Wong. Stephanie is a 3x Webby award-winning Head of Developer Engagement. She is a global Keynote speaker, engineer, and content creator with a mission to blend storytelling and technology to inspire developers. She has created hundreds of pieces of content, including the Google Cloud YouTube series Networking End-to-End, Season of Scale, and Discovering Data Centers, and is the host of the weekly Google Cloud Podcast. Before Google, she helped businesses implement cloud technologies at Oracle. Born and raised in San Francisco, Stephanie's active in her community, supporting women in tech and mentoring students. She's a former pageant queen, hip-hop dancer, and has an unhealthy obsession with dogs. You can find her online at @stephr_wong. In this episode, we learn how Stephaine was able to create her own unique role at the intersection of her interests, how she manages imposter syndrome with the pancake principle, and seemingly unrelated experiences like pageants can improve the value you create at work.

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