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I Interview ChatGPT (GPT-4) - KNN Ep. 147

This episode of Ken’s Nearest Neighbors is powered by Z by HP. HP’s high compute, workstation-grade line of products and solutions. Please check out our other sponsors and partners in the description or show notes to help support the podcast. Today, I wanted to try something different with the podcast. ChatGPT and GPT-4 present scary and interesting questions for the future of the data domain and for the way our world works at large. I sat down and asked ChatGPT questions about its GPT-4 trained version of itself, the data domain, AutoGPT, issues with its use, and even the 6-month proposed pause on the training of GPT-5. This was a fascinating experience for me to learn more about this technology and hopefully help educate others about major issues revolving around its future. I should also note that I also used another AI tool, ElevenLabs, to give ChatGPT a voice. I randomly selected the voice from a group of around 30, it is not my personification or interpretation of what I think the model would sound like.

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