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Is Design the Future of Data Science? (Ovetta Sampson) - KNN Ep.46

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Ovetta Sampson. I co-teach a grad student course called Designing ethical ai sysetms with Ovetta. As a Principal Design Director at Microsoft, she works with a team of talented researchers, data scientists, designers and engineers that work with large-scale customers to visualize a clear path to digital transformation that starts in the now and builds towards the future. Ovetta is an IDEO alumna as well. While working there, her sweet spot was the intersection of humanity, business and technology. Combining her M.S. in Computer Science (HCI) with her BA in Communications, Ovetta is always thinking about how to visualize humanity’s future and how serve people through digital and intelligent products ethically and with compassion. In this interview we learn about how Journalism and influence from her father launched her interest in design and technology. We also learn about the world she sees where designers and data scientists join forces to make positive change in the world. We end with a fascinating conversation about ethics related to AI, and how we can use design to better understand our human bias. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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