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Is Your Phone Listening to You? | Data Scientist Reacts

Is your phone listening to you? This video is my take based on my experience as a data scientist.

Most of us have had the experience where we are talking with a friend about a product or idea and it eerily pops up as an advertisement on our favorite social media platform. It makes us feel uncomfortable like our privacy was violated. Was our phone listening to us? In this video I will give my take on this as a data professional, what is really happening, and what we can do about it if anything.

They are listening, but mostly when you want them to be. Tools like siri, alexa, and google are obviously listening. However, they likely aren't tracking everything you say. This is for 2 main reasons.

1) Tracking all this would be storage and processing intensive

2) It would be unbelievably bad PR

How are they so good at predicting then?

1) They track our online behaviors and the actions of the people we communicate with regularly

2) Cognitive bias. We see a LOT of ads each day and we don't realize it

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