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My First Data Science Project (What Really Happened 😱)

In this video I walk through my first data science project experience! It wasn't easy but I think I made the most of it. Hopefully you can learn from the mistakes I made when you start your first project or any subsequent one!

My first open ended data science project was given to me during grad school. I had to find a dataset, build a model, and predict an outcome. I thought this was going to be easy... but boy was I wrong.

The first challenge that I ran into is that I couldn't decide on a topic. I kept finding datasets, jumping into analysis and then getting stuck. I learned that I need to start with defining a problem before jumping right into the data.

After I finally settled on a problem, my results were really disappointing. I was too focused on optimizing my models than analyzing WHY I was getting these bad results. Finally, I got through the "hard stuff" and threw together a presentation. I ended up getting all of my points deducted because my presentation stunk. I would later learn that all of my analysis was worthless if I couldn't clearly explain it.

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