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No Code Data Analyst to Python Lover (@Shashank Kalanithi ) - KNN Ep. 66

This episode of Ken’s Nearest Neighbors is powered by z by hp. Hp’s High compute, workstation grade line of products and solutions. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Shashank Kalanithi. Shashank currently works at Nordstrom as a Data Analyst and was kindly introduced to me through John David over at the how to get an analytics job podcast. Shashank studied chemistry in undergrad and quickly pivoted into analytics after getting his first taste. He has a passion for spreading analytics knowledge and his experience in the data field through his YouTube channel.

In this episode we talk about how Shashank was able to carve his own path in his work to land his first role, how he fell in love with python from being a no code data analyst, and why he started content creation and consulting during the pandemic.

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