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Was Tiger Woods Programmed for Success? (Part 1) | Anatomy Of Excellence | #008

This is part 1 of of the 3 part podcast series studying the keys to Tiger Wood's success on the golf course. In this episode we dive deep into his mental programming as he rose through the ranks as to be come the greatest to ever play the game of golf. We cover:

0:00 Intro

8:30 A Programmatic Approach

9:51 Standard Operating Procedure

23:35 Secrets to his Learning

52:45 Tiger Days (Practice)

1:15:55 Programming the Mind

1:41:12 Who Inspired Tiger

2:02:01 Overview

Exponential Athlete Socials



The 1997 Masters:

How I Play Golf:

Training a Tiger:

Think Like Tiger:

Tiger Woods (Biography):


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