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Why You Probably Won't Become a Data Scientist

In this video I highlight the main reasons why it is unlikely that you will become a data scientist. TO BE CLEAR I still think it is possible for anyone to break into this field, but I also think it is important to set realistic expectations.

1) Educational Burden - Data science is a multidisciplinary field. You need to learn computer science, coding, and subject area knowledge. You really need to invest many hours into this endeavor.

2) Market Saturation - There is a huge supply of entry level data scientists. With more people, that means the probability of landing a data science job is lower.

3) Data Science isn't a good fit for you - It takes a lot of time and dedication to break into this field. It helps to be very passionate about the work. There are other great careers like software engineering that have a lower barrier to entry where you make similar income (if not more).

4) Ambiguity - Data science job postings are very unclear / unreliable.

5) Continued learning - You need to be adaptable in your role. It takes habits or huge motivation to keep studying.


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