• Ken Jee

Behind the Scenes of a Data Science Movie - (Hunter Kempf) - KNN Ep. 98

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Hunter Kempf. Hunter is a Data Scientist at Cloudflare, a Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador, and is finishing up his Masters in Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech. He completed his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and went on to work at AT&T in a variety of data roles over the course of 4 years while earning his Master's in Data Science. In his free time, Hunter works on a variety of data science-related side projects some of which end up as medium articles, and enjoys backpacking and hiking. I had the pleasure of working with Hunter on the Unlocked campaign this year and in this episode, we dive into some behind-the-scenes details. We also learn about some of the incredible personal projects Hunter is working on. Hopefully, some of his inspire you to look at your own data in a new light.

Unlocked - hp.com/unlocked

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