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What is #66DaysOfData?

#66DaysOfData is an initiative I started to help YOU develop better data science habits! 

The challenge is simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Learn at least 5 minutes of data science every day for 66 days straight!

  2. Share about what you learned each day on your favorite social platform!  (I like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Discord)

WHy 66 Days?

According to James Clear, the average time it takes to engrain a new habit is 66 days. Since this challenge is focused on habits, I thought this time frame was appropriate! 

When does it start?

#66DaysOfData has no start or end date. You can begin whenever you want. I will be doing it twice a year and you are welcome to join along with me!

How Do I Start?

You don't need anyone's permission, start learning and posting when you are ready! You can also join the discord (linked above) for some extra support and community!

Why 5 minutes?

Our goal is to establish great habits, not to learn all of data science in 66 days. 5 minutes is a low threshold that you should be able to stick to each day! 

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