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Doing Data Abroad! (Christina Stathopoulos) - KNN Ep. 32 [Podcast]

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Christina Stathopoulos is originally from the US but has been based in Madrid Spain since 2012. Working as an expat and dedicated to the world of data, she has followed a unique path to make a name for herself in the field on a global level. She is currently working as an Analytical Consultant at Google, Adjunct Faculty at IE Business School and Guest Lecturing, all while maintaining quite an active schedule as an international speaker and thought leader. Her core work at Google involves empowering top advertising clients to make data-driven business and marketing decisions. While her academic work focuses on teaching analytics topics to MBA students. She is also passionate about pushing for more diversity in tech, as well as a love for travel and books!

In this episode we talk about her experience adjusting to data culture in another country, her experience with public speaking, and her love of books!

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