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How Federer Created one of the Most Unique Advantages in Sport (Part 3) | Anatomy of Excellence

Updated: May 21

This is part 3 of the 4 part podcast series studying the keys to Roger Federer’s success on the tennis court. In this episode we explore the strategy, tactics, technical details, mental approach, and demeanor that gave him one of the most unique advantages in sports.

We cover:

0:00 Intro

2:16 Strategy and Tactics

47:35 Technical Details

01:32:02 Reputation

02:00:32 Mental Approach & Playfulness

02:19:31 Perfectionist Tendencies

02:29:08 Self Reliance

02:55:07 Alternating Current

03:15:20 Memory

03:20:04 Summary


The Roger Federer Effect:

Roger Federer & Rafa Nadal:

Strokes of Genius:

The Winner Effect:

String Theory:

How to Not Die Alone:




Strokes of Genius


Enjoyable activities -

Context Dependent Learning -

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