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How to Go From Data Analyst to Data Scientist

Interested in making the career transition from data analyst to data scientist? This video is for you!

To be clear the this isn't to say that the data science role is better than the data analyst role. They are two different positions that require a slightly different set of skills. Many people like my friend @Alex The Analyst​ prefer the data analyst life!

These are my best tips on transitioning from data analyst to data scientist:

1) Show that you can code - You can do this by building a strong github or kaggle portfolio

2) Highlight your strengths - If you show that you meet the coding requirements, you should celebrate your business understanding or subject area expertise. Companies love to see the value you have driven

3) Apply data science to your current role - There are likely opportunities for you do do data science in your current work. Find them and experiment

4) Let your job pay to upskill you - Many companies offer training or a stiped for education. Use these things to learn data science skills

5) Look for new roles inside your current company - There are likely positions available to you within your current org. Focus here first

6) Join communities to learn about new roles - If you need to look outside your current company, communities are the best place to start.

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