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Inside Tiger's Upbringing and the Pitfalls of Success (Part 3) | Anatomy Of Excellence | #010

This is part 3 of of the 3 part podcast series studying the keys to Tiger Wood's success on the golf course. In this episode we look into the outside forces that shaped his career. We explore the role of Earl and Tida Woods, Team Tiger, growing up in California, and some of the pitfalls of his approach to greatness.

Exponential Athlete Socials

0:00 Intro

6:07 Earl Woods

11:52 Tida Woods

14:22 Location

15:02 Advantages he Didn't Have

15:56 Downside to Success

16:21 "The Package"

19:11 SOP

20:02 Limelight

25:47 The Danger of the Edge

28:58 Body Breaking Down

33:15 Paradox

32:24 Knowing Enough

38:43 Loneliness

40:32 Conclusion



The 1997 Masters:

How I Play Golf:

Training a Tiger:

Think Like Tiger:

Tiger Woods (Biography):

The Art of the Impossible:


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