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Insights from a Tech Industry Analyst (Hyoun Park) - KNN Ep. 61

Hyoun Park is the CEO and Founder of Amalgam Insights, an industry analyst firm focused on managing data and the finance of technology at scale. Over the past 20+ years, Park has been at the forefront of trends such as Moneyball, social networking, Bring Your Own Device, data monetization, and the Subscription Economy working with startups, large enterprises, and the investment community.

Park has been quoted in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Barron’s, and a wide variety of mainstream and technology press sources. Although he primarily works with enterprise technologies, Park has a soft spot in his heart for new and innovative technology startups and is dedicated to supporting greater gender and cultural diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Park has an MBA from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Amherst College.

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