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Kaggle Project From Scratch - Part 2 (Exploratory Data Analysis)

Follow along here: !

This is Part 2 of my kaggle project from scratch series where I analyze the kaggle data science developer survey data.

In this video I show you how I approach data cleaning, data manipulation, and some light Exploratory data analysis. This video is meant to focus more on my process than the actual coding or results. I also use plotly for this project which is a tool I was previously unfamiliar with. I show you how I learn by getting my hands dirty.

Part 1:

From a technical perspective, I do the following:

- Outline my analysis

- load in and briefly explore the data

- Check for null values

- Organize the data so that it can be easily used to create charts

- Create some basic charts with plotly express and plotly go

- Organize the data so that it can be segmented by profession

- Build one "advanced visual" showing you the 4 iterations that it took me to get there.

Resources I used:







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