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Leaving Google and BCG to Start Their Own Data Firm (Gleb Drobkov & Mike Dezube) - KNN Ep. 162

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gleb Drobkov and Mike Dezube. They are the founders of Charles River Data, a Boston-based data science consulting firm.

Gleb is a returning guest, and you can hear all about his experience as a data science consultant at BCG in episode 23. Since that episode, he has taken the leap to leave BCG and found CRD with Mike.

Mike is new to the show and has a great wealth of experience working as an engineer and data scientist at Google for 7+ years before starting CRD.

In this episode, Mike and Gleb go deep into how they started their business, why now is a great time for consulting and contracting, and the biggest differences between running your own shop and working at Google or BCG.

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