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Mr. 58: What it Takes to Shoot the Lowest Round in Golf History| Interview | #015

In the history of the PGA tour, there have only been 12 rounds where players have shot under 60. There is only one person who has accomplished this feat more than once. Not only that, he also holds the record for shooting the lowest round in a PGA tour event, a 58 at TPC river highlands. This man is Jim Furyk, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him today. We learn about his mental approach and the voices he was hearing in his head when shooting these low scores, how he developed his unique swing, and his experience going head to head with Tiger in one of my favorite playoffs in golf history.

Jim Furyk

Exponential Athlete Socials

0:00 Intro

1:05 Where Did Love of the Game Start?

3:17 What is Getting Lost in the Process?

6:18 Different Types of Practice

8:01 Advice for Young Players

9:20 Evolution of Jim's Swing

11:46 Refining Vs Rebuilding

12:13 Fundamentals

16:56 Importance of Setup

23:50 Goals in Golf

27:07 Getting to the Next Level

30:34 Self Awareness

33:11 Getting there Vs Winning

35:56 Career Longevity

39:42 58 and 59

45:22 Bouncing Back

50:29 Recalling Good Shots

53:10 Visualization

59:17 Influential People

1:04:35 Golf Changes

1:10:33 How Tiger Changed the Game

1:14:50 2000 Tiger

1:16:12 Tiger Effect

1:21:03 Epic Playoff With Tiger

1:24:24 Hate Losing or Love Winning More?

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