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NCAA & 2x NBA Champion Explains Why His Teams Always Outperformed | Interview | #004

The approach to winning is different for everyone. For Kobe, it was taking control of the game and making his impact known. For today’s guest, it was about selfless, often overlooked contributions that made everyone around him better. While his individual stat lines didn’t always turn heads, something special happened with every team that he was on. They started winning more and more. This eventually culminated in 10 playoff appearances and 2 NBA Championships over a 13 season NBA career.

At every level, Shane Battier was able to make his teams better. He was a 3 time state champion in Highschool, won an NCAA Championship and National College player of the year honors while at Duke, and eventually made 3 finals appearances coming away with 2 championships with the Miami Heat. In this interview, we learn how Shane’s unique basketball philosophy was shaped, what separated the great teams he was on from the mediocre, and what he learned from playing with and against all time greats like LeBron and Kobe.

Battier Take Charge Foundation:

Exponential Athlete Socials

0:00 Intro

1:12 Love of Basketball

3:05 Internal Challenge

4:20 Role of Practice?

7:30 Basketball Focus

9:40 On Team Sports

14:10 Who Came Before Shane?

21:30 Living in Shadows

24:00 Coach K Motivators

26:45 Career Evolution

29:50 Individual vs Team Wins

32:00 The Details

33:30 Zone States

39:40 Let the Plan Fail You

40:00 What is Greatness?

42:55 What Got Shane Closest?

46:25 Curiosity

50:30 Biggest Insight from Outside of Basketball

54:00 Competitive Advantage

57:00 On Goals

59:00 Why GOATs are Different

1:01:00 Unwilling to Sacrifice

1:04:00 After Basketball

1:05:00 Trust and Mission Focus

1:11:30 The Battier Effect

1:14:00 After Basketball

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