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Reviewing Your Data Science Projects - Episode 17 (Best Portfolio Website Yet?)

In this video, I review Alexander's Data Science Website Portfolio, Data Science Resume, Projects, and LinkedIn Profile.

Alexander has some of the most in-depth data science projects I've seen. These are great case studies for anyone looking to up their game.


- Very nice web layout

- Maybe keep it to one scrollable page

- Love the about me, perfect place to put it and cute dog

- Cool to see someone pursuing this career after going back to school

- Key thing is he is transitioning, not jumping

- No age for data science


- I like the digital resume, but maybe a pdf or picture of a traditional one would make more sense here

- I don't love the *** scale. For me this is usually a box to check (Can he do this, we will find out his aptitude later) One thing I've found is that people have no clue how to judge their own ability

- More expansion on the types of skills

- Love how he talks about his projects and what he is doing

- Don't see a need for the soft skills section

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