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Sports Analytics Expert: How Elite Athletes and Teams Use Math to Win | Interview | #005

Early in Kobe’s career, he was asked what he would ask Michael Jordan about basketball. He answered “I’d ask him how to incorporate math into the game”.

I couldn’t think of anyone better to ask about what that question means than today’s guest, Cory Jez. Cory has worked in sports analytics in basketball as the director of analytics for the Utah Jazz, in soccer as the Director of Sports Science and Analytics at FC Austin, and now in golf at TourIQ a company he founded where he is providing analytics insights for Professional golfers on the PGA Tour.

In this episode we dive into how analytics are used to help teams and individuals win, what the biggest misconceptions about analytics are, and how anyone like us, can benefit from applying analytics to our own domain.

Cory's Website:

Exponential Athlete Socials

0:00 Intro

1:40 Evolution of Analytics

8:15 How are Athletes Using Data

12:10 Maturity of Analytics in Different Sports

18:00 Clash Between Players and Leadership

25:45 Misconceptions about Analytics

31:45 How is TourIQ Helping Athletes?

35:00 Strategy vs Execution

43:30 On Training and Data

49:42 On Recovery

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