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The Knee Health Survival Guide for Athletes | Interview | #021

Right now, there is a very concerning trend in sports. Injury rates almost across the board are increasing at unprecedented levels. Knee injuries, in particular, are taking thousands of athletes out of play and jeopardizing their careers.

According to the British journal of sports medicine and UCLA Health, knee injuries account for 41 % of all sports injuries. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries, specifically, have been increasing at endemic levels. From 2007 to 2022, the average ACL injury rate grew 25.9%.

Tiger, Roger Federer, and Kobe, the three athletes we’ve studied thus far on the podcast have all had knee surgeries at some point in their career. Today, I brought in Zak Woodward to talk all about knee health. Zak is a performance coach who has built a career out of helping athletes recover from knee surgery as quickly as possible. His athletes have seen unprecedentedly low re injury rates.

In today’s episode, I talk with Zak about why knee injuries are increasing, how athletes can lower risk of knee injury, and his philosophy on how athletes can come back stronger after surgery. Recovery from injury can have massive implications on sports performance and sports psychology.

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