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The Modern Data Stack: Everything You Need to Know (Chris Tabb) - KNN Ep. 139

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Tabb. Chris is the Co-Founder & CCO at LEIT DATA. He started his career in the Business Intelligence/Analytics domain 30 years ago. Beginning at Cognos in the ’90s working in the back office before becoming an expert in all their products, and leaving to become an independent BI consultant in 1998. It is safe to say he loves Data and always has. He followed the evolution of the analytics industry, working hands-on with all the technologies in the ecosystems: - Databases, ETL/ELT, BI/OLAP/Visualisation Tools, Big Data Technologies, Infrastructure On-premises / Cloud across many vendors, some old some new. Nowadays, he works at a more strategic level providing Technical Roadmap, Vendor Selection, Migration Strategies, Data Management, and Data & Application Architecture, but still likes to keep hands-on with products in the Data Eco System. In this episode, he schools me on the modern data stack and gives me a great look into the history of data and data management.

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