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What are "Business Skills" for Technical People Really?

We always hear that business skills are important for data scientists to have, but what are they really? Link to Your Free Month From 365 Data Science: In this video I break down what people mean by business skills and I also show you where to learn them!

Ok, so what are business skills for technical people really? I polled my Linkedin Audience to see what some thought leaders in the space thought. Link:

From my personal experience and research I found that business skills generally fall into a few broad categories: Understanding the business model of your company, Problem definition, Time Management / Project Estimation, Presenting & Conveying information, and Networking.

The places that I learned many of these skills (I still definitely need improvement) are:

1) Books

2) Sitting in on calls and meetings

3) Projects

4) Formal Courses

5) Asking questions to communities on LinkedIn etc.

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