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What is LangChain and Why Will it Change the World? (Greg Kamradt) - KNN Ep. 160

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Kamradt. Greg ( @DataIndependent ) has been in and around data science and analytics his entire career. He has seen it from the corporate side as a Director Of Strategy & Growth at Salesforce and then as the first business hire at Digits, a Series-C FinTech company. This year, he’s been focused on teaching thousands of developers and founders how to get started building with AI. He runs Data Independent, a YouTube channel with tutorials and interviews on the AI space. I actually found Greg through his amazing content on LangChain. In this video, we talk about the best advice Greg ever got, why he thinks LangChain is so special, and how he sees an explosion of AI products changing the world.

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