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What is the #66DaysOfData?

In this video I tell you everything you need to know about the #66DaysOfData Challenge I will be starting up again on January 4th!

The #66DaysOfData challenge is designed to help you create great data science learning habits. Along with the habits you will be joining an incredible community where you can learn alongside and work with other likeminded people!

The challenge is simple, it only has two parts. 1) Learn data science every day for 66 days straight. You should learn for a minimum of 5 minutes per day. 2) Share your progress on your social media platform of choice using #66DaysOfData.

This has 3 main benefits: 1) You create a habit of daily learning which is integral to your success in the data science and machine learning career paths. 2) You get used to sharing your work, something that can help you to create many opportunities for yourself. 3) The community holds you accountable. This is often the missing piece for many people looking to learn these skills.

Learning Resources: 365 Data Science: (20% off Monthly) or (47% off one year) (Disclaimer - Affiliate Links), If the discount doesn't work use promo code "knn"

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