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What Professional Data Scientists ACTUALLY Do

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We often see the best parts of being a data scientist in day of the life videos. In this one I tell you what the whole experience is like. I want to talk to you about what data scientists ACTUALLY do, not about just the fun parts of the job.

1) There is no one size fits all data science job. You can find what you want out of the variety of opportunities in the domain

2) Project management for data science is a real thing, you're going to have to get familiar with the tools of the trade to have a good experience

3) Different types of projects have different expectations. You have dramatically different responsibilities if you're working on long term or ad hoc data science projects 4) Git and versioning is a must learn for working with data science teams

5) Learning to work with production and development servers is a big difference from personal projects

6) Tools and languages you use vary dramatically by team

7) Work is not always as exciting as you expect, your main responsibility is to drive value to the business

8) Ambiguity is a major part of the role

9) Not everyone loves data scientists in your organization

10) You sit down a lot

11) You get to work on mostly interesting projects

12) You are surrounded by learning and opportunities to expand your knowledge

13) Work / Life balance is usually pretty good

I got the idea for this video from my friend ForrestKnight. His video on what professional software developers actually do ( was a great take, and I thought that this could potentially be even more relevant for the data science domain.

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