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Why Kobe's Learning Approach Made Him Unstoppable (Part 1) | Anatomy of Excellence | #001

Updated: 6 days ago

This is part 1 of of the 3 part podcast series studying the keys to Kobe Bryant's success on the basketball court. In this episode we dive deep into his philosophy and approach to learning. The ability to learn is a fundamental building block for success. The faster that we learn, the faster we can get compounding returns from our efforts. The episode is broken down into the following sections:

0:00 Intro

1:40 Overview of Episodes

2:40 Why Kobe?

5:05 The Importance of Learning for Success

7:00 Curiosity Fed the Mamba

14:15 More than Basketball But Still Basketball

24:25 Reps & Experimentation

39:35 Goals and Understanding Weaknesses

45:40 Imitation is Flattery

52:30 Fearless Inquisitor

1:01:25 Finding the Hole

1:12:15 Love of the Game

1:14:15 Recap

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