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Why the Best Teachers Learn Alongside You (Kevin Markham) - KNN Ep. 148

This episode of Ken's Nearest Neighbors is powered by Z by HP. HP's high compute, workstation-grade line of products and solutions. Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Markham. Kevin is the founder of Data School, an online school that helps you to learn data science. In the past 8 years, he has taught more than a million students in the classroom and online. He's passionate about teaching people who are new to data science, and he's known for taking complex topics and breaking them down into easy-to-understand lessons. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University, and he lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and son. In today’s episode, we learn how Kevin found his superpower in teaching, how he embodies the saying “not all who wander are lost”, and how he found motivation and creative energy through self-work and introspection.

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