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7 Incredible Books That Transformed My Health and My Life

In this video, I summarize the 7 books that transformed my health and my lifestyle. Like everyone, I'm still a work in progress, but these books given me great insights into increased energy, vitality, and happiness.

7) The Personalized Diet ( - This book changed the way I eat.

6) Digital Minimalism ( - This book changed the way I use my phone

5) Can't Hurt Me ( - This book changed my beliefs about my physical and mental limitations. David Goggins as a master motivator.

4) Breath ( - This book changed how I breathe

3) Why We Sleep ( - This book changed how I sleep

2) Lifespan ( - This book changed how I approach getting older

1) Atomic Habits ( - This book changed all my habits. All of the other books build on this singular concept.

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