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Dealing with Doubt in Data Science (My Impostor Syndrome Story)

In this video I will talk about my own doubts and insecurities when it comes to the field. I will also give you a look into I was able to leverage these feelings into something positive.

Data science is a field filled with doubt. Not all of the problems we tackle have answers, not all of our models will be successful. I would argue that in truth we fail more than we succeed. This has given rise to impostor syndrome.

Real world data science is almost the opposite of academia. In school most people succeed more than they fail. They are used to getting high marks routinely. They aren’t used to only passing a class half of the time.

I think that this conditioning makes it difficult for us to accept failure when it comes more frequently like it does in data science. And Failure can come almost 98% of the time if we are talking about job applications…

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