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How She Built a Data Empire Working Abroad! (Lillian Pierson) - KNN Ep. 41

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Lillian Pierson. Lillian helps data professionals transform into world-class data leaders and entrepreneurs. To date she’s educated over 1 Million data professionals on AI, and over 10% of the data entrepreneurs have landed 6-figure contracts within the first 7-months of working with her. In this episode, Lillian shares the story of her early affinity towards data. As a child it was fun and easy for her to begin working with spreadsheets. We also touch on her hands on work using data analytics to help design reaction protocols for substituting Hydrogen with Deuterium atoms from within nucleic acids. Toward the end, we explore how she made the transition into data entrepreneurship and we both discuss our experiences growing as content creators and educators.

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