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How to Craft a Fulfilling Career by Embracing Your Authentic Self (Jess Ramos) - KNN Ep. 146

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jess Ramos. Jess is a Senior Data Analyst at Crunchbase, a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, and a content creator in the data space. She has a bachelor's degree in Math, Spanish, and Business and a master's in Business Analytics. She has focused most of her career in the FinTech data industry, and she's super passionate about impacting the world through data and technology. Jess is a huge advocate for women in STEM and loves to combat stereotypes and support others. She lives and works remotely in GA with her husband and 4 pets, and she loves to volunteer within the community as an ESL teacher and middle school lacrosse coach. In this episode, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of putting yourself out there, how to weigh the decision of leaving a job very early, and how she is trying to help break the mold for women in STEM.

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