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Kaggle Project From Scratch - Part 1 (Data Science Profession Survey)

In this 3 part series, I walk you through how I approach a data science project, specifically a kaggle competition. You will get to see me work through the kaggle developer survey kaggle competition from start to finish.

In Part 1 I show you how I:

- Join the competition

- Read through the documentation

- Understand the evaluation criteria

- Download the data (good video on this:

- Review other people's kaggle kernels

- Frame the questions that I want to ask of the data

In Part 2 (

I will use some different tools to visualize some of the data

In Part 3 I will seek to answer some of the questions that I have posed in Part 1 and Part 2 #DataScience#KenJee#66DaysOfData Kaggle API:

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