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Reviewing Your Data Science Projects - Episode 18 (Job-Worthy GitHub)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

In this video I review Darwin's project portfolio. This is truly is job-worthy. This github style is a little different than the ones I have done in the past. Darwin uses a single folder structure that is very organized rather than having all of his projects in different repos. This is a totally fine approach and it clearly worked well for him.

Take Aways:

- Great data science project overviews. Simple for a recruiter to understand

- Clear sense of order in the folder structure

- Excellent and detailed documentation

- TLDR is a nice touch

- ReadMe files in each folder is not something I have seen frequently used

- Clear why data science projects are relevant to him

- Did research (great work experience)

- Showcased tableau experience (great for showing business knowledge)

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