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The Data Project too Risky to Share in an Interview (Zach Quinn) - KNN Ep. 137

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Zach Quinn is a data engineer and writer with a master's degree in Data Science and an undergraduate degree in journalism. During his, admittedly, short broadcast media career, Zach worked in radio, television, and digital media. At age 20, he worked as a producer for his favorite morning radio show in Baltimore, which he left abruptly after getting an opportunity to intern at the Tonight Show. Following the Tonight Show, Zach went to Orlando, FL where he worked at Disney World while the company paid for his data science master's. Shortly after graduation, Forbes hired Zach as a data engineer; he works remotely full-time. In his spare time, Zach writes about data, tech, and remote work on his Medium blog, Pipeline. He's also contributed to Towards Data Science and is a co-editor of Learning SQL where he and his co-editors helped it rank as a top 5 publication for the SQL tag. He lives in Orlando with his wife and the pets that interrupt all of his meetings. Zach and I had an amazing conversation about the importance of writing in data science, how he leverages the skills learned from journalism in his current work and his highly unorthodox projects.

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