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What is the Future of my Comment Leaderboard Project?

In this video I begin the collaboration with @Tina Huang and @ForrestKnight to take my comment leaderboard project to the next level. This is #ProjectEngagement.

First leaderboard project video:

The goal is to take the engagement leaderboard that I made for my youtube subscribers and make it into a tool that other creators can use. We have to go through and make a TON of upgrades. First we have to figure out how to get the YouTube API to work for other YouTubers, not just myself. Next we have to build out a new software infrastructure.

For this project we decided to use the MERN software engineering stack (Mongo DB, Express, React, Node). This is all pretty new to us, so it should be a good learning adventure.

In the upcoming videos, we will take you on the journey with us to building this platform. Forrest will work as the main software engineer on the team, Tina will work as the data scientist, and I will wear the project manager hat! I hope you enjoy!

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