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Why He Left DeepMind at the Peak of AI Hype (Aleksa Gordić) - KNN Ep. 156

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Aleksa Gordić. Aleksa is an ex-Google DeepMind and Microsoft ML engineer who recently launched Ortus. A startup aimed at helping users make YouTube videos more accessible and interactive. I’m excited to announce that we have Ortus working on my Youtube channel, and you can try it out for free by quickly installing the Chrome plugin ( Aleksa also runs the AI Epiphany YouTube channel, where he shares his learnings from reading papers on the latest generative AI research. In this episode, we learn about his awesome learning framework that he stole from weightlifters, how he landed his job at DeepMind, and why he left that job at the peak of the AI hype to start his own company. I hope you enjoy this conversation, I know I did!

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