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Why RStudio is now Posit (J.J. Allaire | Posit CEO) - KNN Ep. 158

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing J.J. Allaire. J.J. is the founder of RStudio and the creator of the RStudio IDE. He is an author of several packages in the R Markdown publishing ecosystem including rmarkdown, flexdashboard, learnr, and distill, and also worked extensively on the R interfaces to Python, Spark, and TensorFlow. J.J. is now leading the Quarto project, which is a new Jupyter-based scientific and technical publishing system. In this episode, we learn about why RStudio has now repositioned itself as Posit, how it maximizes its open-source nature as a B Corp, and how J.J. as an open-source advocate views the private nature of many LLMs. I really enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you will as well!

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