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Why Tiger's Mind Was His Greatest Weapon (Part 2) | Anatomy Of Excellence | #009

This is part 2 of of the 3 part podcast series studying the keys to Tiger Wood's success on the golf course. In this episode we dive deep into the forces that drive him, his strategy, and the mental constructs he used to become the greatest to ever play the game of golf. We cover:

Exponential Athlete Socials

0:00 Intro

3:10 What Drives Tiger?

4:10 Competition

13:45 Finding and Enemy

20:00 Pursuit of Perfection

34:10 Reflection and Criticism

38:40 Innovation

48:17 Goals

58:23 15th Club

58:42 Cold Blooded Assassin

1:08:00 Memory

1:15:00 Plotlines in Life

1:19:00 Analogous thinking

1:21:00 Visualization

1:27:00 Self Talk

1:37:00 Flow/Zone States

1:48:00 Calming Himself

2:00:20 Pain Management

2:05:00 The Tiger Effect

2:15:35 Philosophy

2:16:00 View on Failure

2:32:50 Patience

2:38:45 Confidence

2:45:00 The Creative Mind

2:51:00 Strategy

3:11:00 Thanks for Listening!



The 1997 Masters:

How I Play Golf:

Training a Tiger:

Think Like Tiger:

Tiger Woods (Biography):

The Art of the Impossible:


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