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From Photographer to Landing his Dream Analyst Job at PlayStation! (Christian Bourdeau) - KNN Ep.45

Christian is a Sr. Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer @ PlayStation. Previous he has worked in BI at Nike, Warner Brothers, USC, and Machinima (Ma-shin-im-ma).

He took the tech world by storm when he joined Clubhouse and quickly grew to 23k followers as of today. He runs rooms around Data Science and Analytics and how to get your first job. He has helped thousands of people on Clubhouse to improve on their Linkedins, data projects, networking, salary negotiations, and more.

In this video we talk about how Christian made the transition from photographer to data analyst. We also highlight his bootcamp experience, and how he was able to create a massive demand for himself during the job hiring process. Finally, we touch on how he has been able to leverage the clubhouse app into multiple new opportunities.

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